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of autism's path, it's generally seeing a lot more autism in technology sectors. >> when it comes to autism, there may be genetic factors at work. but there are also teachers at work to help. >> again, that was scott budman reporting. >>> coming up, the transformation of the bay area's most notorious road. it might be a good place to take a hike. >>> next month, a notorious stretch of bay area coastline is scheduled to be transformed. no more cars or car accidents, but plenty of trails and scenery. we're talking about devil's slide. joe rosado, jr. shows us how this notorious road holds a picturesque future. >> it's some of the most seenic coastline you'll see anywhere. the trouble is, very few have ever been able to take it in. >> if you want to see the scenery, you have to be the passenger in the vehicle. >> for decades, these hills between pacifica and half-moon bay cradles high way 1. frequent rock slides and road closures. >> it used to be straight over here and this whole road dropped probably about 10 feet. >>> but when caltransopened a pair of traffic tunnels here, this stretch of r
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1